Nissan note price in Kenya

The Nissan note has been a darling of Kenyan roads for many years. The Nissan Note is a larger Micra whose design is also visually based on. The 5-door offers an enormous amount of space, which is of particular interest to families. The most common models of the Nissan Note include two petrol and one diesel vehicle. In addition, there are other engines to choose from for both types.

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15. May 2023
Nissan note price in Kenya

Good reasons to buy Nissan note in Kenya

  • Variable use of the interior thanks to the sliding rear bench seat
  • Economical diesel engines for longer distances
  • Standard features for safe driving
  • Large windows for a good all-round view

Nissan Note prices in Kenya

A 2016 Ex-Japan Nissan note not used locally can cost from Kshs 1M to 1.1M currently. Locally used Nissan note can cost from Kshs 400,00 more or less but this varies widely as its at the discretion of the seller and the condition of the car.




Engines and performance

With the 1.6-litre petrol engine, the Note shows itself to be an ever more mature vehicle. The driving experience of the Nissan Note of 110 hp is dynamic without being too strenuous. With the available torque of 240 Newton meters, the vehicle shows no sign of being overwhelmed. It takes just 16.5 seconds between zero and 100 km/h. A maximum of 183 kilometers per hour is possible. The engine characteristics inspire. The machine is very efficient with a cycle consumption of around 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers. The sound goes well with the driving experience. The CO2 emissions result in a value of 166g per kilometer.

  • Up to 110 horses on the top model
  • 68 hp for the entry-level model
  • Consumption: 6.6 liters with the most powerful petrol engine
  • Available as a diesel
  • 1.6 liter displacement at the upper end of the spectrum
  • Four cylinder engine


The most common engines of the Nissan Note at a glance

  Type 1.4 Type 1.6 Type 1.5 dCi 70
Displacement 1,386cc 1,598cc 1,461cc
cylinder 4 4 4
Performance 88 hp 110 hp 90 hp
Max. Torque 128 Nm at 3,200 rpm 153 Nm at 4,400 rpm 200 Nm at 1,750 rpm
Top speed 165km/h 183km/h 168km/h
Transmission 5-speed manual transmission 5-speed manual transmission 5-speed manual transmission
Fuel consumption 46 liters 46 liters 46 liters
Power transmission Front wheel drive Front wheel drive Front wheel drive
CO2 emissions 139g/km 149g/km 110g/km



The bottom line is that the Nissan Note offers a modern safety standard.

  • No excess or Understeer by ESP
  • Fog lights
  • Better directional stability thanks to ABSS
  • Side airbag
  • Daytime running lights


Equipment and highlights

Comfortable seats and an easy-to-read instrument panel significantly enhance the interior of the Nissan Note. The multifunction steering wheel, navigation system, power steering, automatic start/stop, central locking with remote control or air conditioning also set the vehicle apart from the competition and make it an attractive purchase.

  • Central locking with remote control
  • Power steering
  • Navigation system
  • Multifunctional steering wheel
  • 1495 liters with the rear seats folded down
  • Automatic start/stop depending on the engine


Series Description

As a compact family van, the Nissan Note has been conquering the world's roads since 2006 and has everything on board that a family car in its class simply has to have. The 4 meter long vehicle is very spacious and offers the largest interior space in its class. The interior is not only flexible, but also offers many safety-related refinements with its ABS, the EBD, a brake assistant as well as driver, front passenger and side airbags.



Nissan note exterior

The second generation of the Nissan Note is very dynamic and sporty. The doors are large and open easily , making it easy to get in and out. All doors are equipped with mechanisms that almost completely rule out premature closing. The trunk is also easy to load. The tailgate opens slightly, but not so high that tall people over 1.80 meters can safely walk under it. The ** loading sill is only 65 centimeters above the road**, so loading is not a problem.

Two sealing strips protect the door sills from dirt . Unfortunately, there is no such protection for the engine compartment from below. The entire lower area is completely uncovered.

The doors are also not protected against scratches from small bumps, since there are no side rails.

Nissan note interior

Plenty of storage compartments are installed for relaxed driving. In addition to cup holders, the center console even has a special holder for bottles . The glove compartment is also big enough for all sorts of odds and ends. Unfortunately, it is not illuminated when driving at night.

If the seats are pushed all the way back, every passenger feels free and not cramped. Very tall people can also sit comfortably on the back seat and enjoy enough legroom. During breaks, the backrests of both the driver's and front passenger's seats can be folded back completely, so that a good lying position is possible .

The room air inside the vehicle can be well regulated by the heating and the air conditioning . While the air is cooled to the previously set temperature quite quickly on hot days, the heater only moderately warms up the cold air. Warm air is quickly available in the footwell , but it takes up to 15 minutes for it to circulate throughout the vehicle.


The curb weight of the Nissan Note Type 1.4 is specified by the manufacturer as 1,228 kilograms. The payload is 387 kilograms. The 1.6 type is slightly lighter at 1,107 kilograms unladen and can transport up to 453 kilograms of cargo. In addition to the roof load of 50 kilograms, the maximum additional weight may be more than 500 kilograms . This means that the minivan can also easily transport larger and heavier loads, which is otherwise rather unusual in this vehicle class.

The normal trunk volume is 280 liters. That's not much for a minivan, but the back seat can be easily moved to create more volume. Overall, the Note with the rear seat shifted creates an impressive storage space of 1,332 liters .


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